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Call Bill at 225-413-8928 and lets grow a business together!

That's right, I want to grow this CTFO business with you. You have my name and phone number and I am leaving it up to you to contact me after you join CTFO. Continue on and read to see if you really want to join the company. If you are here to just order products, that is great, you still have to join. It is totally 100% free to join as a customer or as an associate so go ahead and join now.

I have decided to get really committed to this CTFO business opportunity by giving out my phone number for all to call. I do ask you to visit my company replicated website at  https://ctfo101.myctfo.com/  first so you have some understanding about this CBD company. Your job as an associate is to get people to your website and let it do all the talking for you. As a rep, I find it hard to remember everything that the company has to offer. With over 50 different products and more being added, a person cannot remember everything. It is easier to just refer people to the company site and let it do all the talking for you.

Many people want to know a whole lot of details that I just cannot answer. This is why it is best to just sign up and get a FREE position. You then have access to the CTFO back office with all the training, graphics, lead capture pages, and much more. Just about any question that you can come up with will be answered in the material offered. 

CTFO Websites And Social Networks

You get several websites and lead capture pages as an associate. This gives you the opportunity to market this business in many different ways. Some people market using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Others like to get a lead list and call people directly. It's up to you as far as marketing your business. If you need help I will be more then happy to help you. I have been in the network marketing business for over 15 years and have tried just about everything when it comes to marketing. I find that everybody will find what works best for them and then get really good at it and the leads will come pouring in. You do not have to spend a lot of money to build your business. The social networks like Facebook and Twitter are free. It's so easy to meet people that are interested in a home business because people will be asking you to look at their opportunity all the time. Just mention to people that you will click on their link and look at their business if they do the same for you. You do this and some of these people will join CTFO. Face it, we are all out their looking for the next big opportunity that we may be able to generate an income from. I personally feel that CTFO is the company for you and me right now. WHY? The CBD oil industry is taking off and we are still at the early stages of its growth. Between now and 2022 CBD will be exploding onto the marketplace. You can be part of that growth with CTFO.

Making Money With CTFO

That's right, you can join CTFO for FREE and build your business using the affiliate part of the pay plan which pays a 20% commission on all sales. You won't start getting paid until you turn on your auto-ship and order at least the minimum of $47. You will probably want to order before then when you see the line of quality products offered. There is something for everyone.


This lead service is available to you and the associates you sign up as long as they have an active autoship.


Calling other network marketers is the best source of leads there is. A successful network marketer can make your business explode.


The road to success takes work and action on your part. CTFO Leads can give you the roadmap but you have to follow it through.

i have experience & proven



Start your own CTFO CBD Oil business from the comfort of your home. We can show you how and where to get fresh leads to call on a daily basis. You must have an active auto-ship in order to get all the extras and show that you are ready to be in business. 

Follow our proven lead system. Say the right things that make people want to join your team. Offer people a company website along with extras. to get people to join your business

Check out "My Services" below and see one of the systems I use to generate leads and then automatically follow up with each one of them all on autopilot. Get others in your team doing this exact same thing and watch your business grow.

my unique


Task: Place your auto-ship order and learn the information that is in your company back office.

Action: Call other network marketers and get them to your company replicated website. 

Result: The more people you expose your company website to the more people that will join your CTFO business opportunity.




every 20 people you contact 2 will join


Make Your List of people you know


Talk to people about CTFO and get them to watch the company video


Send out emails to your contact list


See the results and recycle



CTFO and their CBD oil products make this business easy to do. I just get people to my website. They watch the videos and make up their mind. No pressure business opportunity., that's what I like.


I use the CBD oil and find it helps me with my back pain issues. I put 10 to 15 drops of the 500 mg CBD oil under my tongue two times a day. 

Bill Elsenrath

I have fibro among some other issues, I purchased the 10X pure spectrum and it has helped me a lot.



The CTFO opportunity to start your own home business is available to all.
To get started all you have to do is to sign up. This service is free to all.



- Company replicated website
- Domain name that you pick 
- Back office training 
- Facebook Group that you share with others
- Getting started guide 
- Up-line to help you as needed 
- Weekly training webinars
- Help with building a personal website
- Help with a magnetic sign as shown to the right

Compensation Plan Training Video Below

looking for a


Fill out the form to the right and submit it. You will usually be contacted within 24 hours.


Join CTFO at HTTP://CTFO101.COM/

My name is Will and my phone number is at the top left of the link page above. Just click the link above and go to my company site. When you join CTFO you will get a company replicated site just like the one linked to. Thanks for visiting CTFO Leads.

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